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How To Use The Intraoral Camera Properly

An intraoral camera is a camera which is designed to be used in the mouth for the purpose of taking video or still photography. These cameras are most commonly used in dental offices, although patients can also use them at home to monitor dental health or to satisfy curiosity about what the inside of the mouth looks like. Several firms specialize in producing intraoral cameras and accessories, and others make adapters which can be used with conventional cameras so that they can be used in the mouth.
The intraoral camera has often been promoted as a marketing tool. However, practitioners can get more value from this existing resource. Expanding the use of the intraoral camera can help dentists maximize their results on routine aesthetic cases. Spending a few minutes using the intraoral camera on such cases can heighten practitioners' awareness of the subtleties of tooth detail and enhance their shade communication with dental laboratories. Being able to communicate these details to the laboratory in a clear and efficient manner will affect the quality of fixed prosthetic and restorative work. The ability to send technicians post-op photos can also provide very useful feedback that will improve results even more in this rapidly changing field of aesthetic dentistry.
Take photos of the areas of the gums during the periodontal examination to show swelling, infection or recession. IOCs are instrumental in selling cosmetic dentistry because they enable you to show the patient what a specific condition looks like up close in bright light.
Take photos of stains and atrium to present as "before" shots. These photographs not alone account the patient, but aswell serve as acceptable affidavit for accommodating files. In some cases, photographs can accomplish the aberration amid the accepting or abnegation of an allowance payment, and they can consistently accompaniment accommodating X-rays if announcement allowance companies. 
Examine the articulate atrium for any basic affection that may announce a bloom accident and certificate through photos. Take accurate affirmation of all accessible affection that may be aboriginal analytic break of articulate cancer, branch disease, bulimia, or added diseases that present in the articulate cavity. Periodontal disease, which is usually accessible in the beginning, can be acutely apparent through the use of an IOC.

Print out some of the photos for the patient to take home, especially of the urgent conditions needing treatment. Print out other photos for your patient files, and store them safely. IOC images can be used later to show progression, and can help you monitor certain conditions in the mouth. If any of the conditions indicate a medical problem, consult a physician to see if further examination is warranted. 

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